Monthly Archives: September 2010

Owning a business, BFF, and babysitting.

After meeting with a bride this past weekend, I stopped by the BFF’s (for those new to the blog – Julie is the BFF or RAF….real ass friend….as opposed to FAF…fake ass friend…we are weird, shush) house to see the cutest baby in the world and mooch off their pizza lunch. They were painting the […]

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Sunny & Ollie say TGIF!!!

I promised myself before I moved I was going to be good and actually register Sunny and Ollie so we can go to the dog park, like pay and everything – instead of just sneaking in like we did at the one in Ellicott City, praying an “employee” didn’t catch us. That is in quotes […]

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Teasers! Virginia and Rick are Married!!

Virginia and Rick met at Seacrets in Ocean City, MD, which like Gabby said during her Maid of Honor toast, is not unusual, since a lot of people meet there, just not many take it all the way to getting married. Rick had noticed Virginia from across the bar and asked if he could buy […]

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