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Winner winner chicken dinner!! 105/365

Happy Friday!!!! A boatload of people are about to turn off their computers and have a fabulous weekend!! I am so excited for all of you!! I am going to have a fabulous weekend too – I have an awesome wedding tomorrow at the place I got married, tons of photos to edit, and packing to do for my trip to see the Austin version of me – Janice!

In even more exciting news  – WE HAVE A WINNER!! Thanks to – the lucky number was 8!!

BETSY!!! Who is looking forward to: I am looking forward to ice from Rita’s, the Annual Combined Family Trip to Oak Island NC, &, of course, lots of totally awesome pictures on Dani’s blog to make me smile!

Btw – all of y’alls are some suck ups 🙂 But I enjoyed it!

I hope even if it does rain, you all have a great weekend, do something amazing and come back and tell me about it on Monday!!

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