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I am not being a very good blogger lately. I think Texas made me lazy. BUT! I am on the up and up! I went to training this morning and now my arms hurt like crap but I am motivated! Motivated to sit in this chair the rest of the day and write posts for the next week.  🙂

I hope all of you survived the storms last night. I for one was pretty scared around 5:30am that my roof was going to cease to exist. In all seriousness, I hope all my friends and family and people I don’t even know who read this are safe and sound and their families too.

It was sunny most of the day yesterday, the dogs even got some running time in the park!

And even if it does rain, some things are meant to be celebrated. Especially with Griff’s Buffalo Calamari and beer sitting outside in the rain. Congrats, chico!!  🙂

  • April 28, 2011 - 9:18 pm

    Jenn - Buffalo calamari? Is that calamari dipped in buffalo sauce? LOL I’m just curious!

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