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When I was in Austin, I got to take a boatload of pictures and meet some new peeps! I was lucky enough that Janice had her whole family there when I visited. I had met her Mom, Dad and brother before – and super awesome cousin Lacey! But I had never met Becky. Becky is super cool. She reminds me a lot of me. She is young, graduated from college when she was 20 and is off to law school soon! Such an over-achiever.  🙂

After an awesome breakfast at Magnolia Cafe in South Congress, we set up for some picture taking. You get to see Janice & Brandon tomorrow!!

Right across from the red wall was a truck with a bunch of graffiti all over it. Perfect frame for this gorgeous girl!!

We walked down the street a bit and behind this cute little cafe place we found a stage with the most exciting background ever set up. I think I need this background in my backyard. It is awesome.


Becky, you are totally amazing. I had so much fun getting to know you last week and I hope we stay in touch!! Look forward to some awesome 21st bday pics on the blog next week!!

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