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Dear Julie (Jules, Weaner, Weanerface, Weanerschnitzel),

I am about to proclaim my love for you on my blog. Just FYI. One day when you have a blog you can tell people about how much you love me too. Kapeesh? Kapeesh.

In two short years I have watched you become a fiance, a wife, a hormonal pregnant woman and a mom. While I absolutely loved your wedding and everything that had to do with your wedding, my favorite of all of these things has been watching you become a mom. From the baby shower where I was amazed 50 things fit in a diaper bag to getting home from California to hear this awful birth story that ended in you saying “All in all, it wasn’t so bad” despite the face of sheer terror I must have been giving you to Sunday, when Jakob had his first birthday party. It has been so fun to watch my best friend experience all of it. I really admire you for a lot of things Jules, your Farkle skills, your extreme couponing skills, your ability to still not have an HD TV or anything above basic cable, but I most admire you for raising this amazing kid of yours – one of the few kids that makes me want to have one of my own ONE DAY (MOM: READ ONE DAY).

I had so much fun Sunday attempting to capture Maverick, hanging decorations, convincing you that you needed to have alcohol at a 1 year olds birthday party (mostly for my sanity, hehe) and spending yet another awesome occasion with you. I hope you enjoy the pictures!! You are the best!!

Your best friend,


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Jakob’s awesome cousins!


You’re so pretty.

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