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Jenny & Tim – Hebron House Wedding

Yesterday I had a totally kick butt time at Jenny and Tim’s wedding! Jenny and Tim are two of the most lax people you will ever meet, I have decided, and just so so so nice. I met with Jenny and Tim for the first time at their home, right before Tim was about to start his band practice. I had been having a craptastic day and talking to them really was like a breath of fresh air.

Yesterday, despite the heat and the lack of AC on the second floor of the house, Jenny married her best friend outside with small and intimate audience. I was so honored to be a part of it all. Jenny and Tim – I hope you have a fabulous time on your honeymoon!! Can’t wait for you to see the rest when you get back!!!

See why I heart her??

Oh, Tim. That is an excellent first look reaction!


How lucky am I? I got to go on a wedding day excursion to Patapsco Valley State Park!

Lauren was a total trooper!

I absolutely adore this one of Jenny.

While I am trying to capture amazing moments, Lauren hunts for crayfish. Oh lord.

The details and cake were so cute and simple!! I hearted them!!

I am beginning to really love listening to toasts. These toasts made people laugh and smile!!

Party time!!

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