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Jennifer & Brett – San Marino Club, Troy, Michigan

Happy. Full of Life. Joyful. Bliss. Intoxicated with smiles. Vibrant. Walking on sunshine. Just pure crazy happy love. These are all words or statements I thought about on Saturday. I want to admit to you all today that there are some blog posts that I write that feel like work and take hours of staring at the computer, getting sidetracked on Facebook, maybe listen to a song for inspiration, go make breakfast….then go make lunch, before they are even half done (which is silly because I know no one reads this silly thing anyway) but there are some posts that are so easy, some that are totally being written in my head as the events are unfolding in front of me. This wedding was one of those times.

Those words and phrases I started with 100% describe what I was watching on Saturday at the San Marino Club in Troy, Michigan between the stunning bride, Jennifer and her oh so handsome husband Brett. And honestly, it has been how I would describe what I see between them every single time I have seen them together since I met them at Jen and Marc’s beautiful Mexico wedding – crazy happy love. Even how they met was crazy happy love and should totally be made into a movie. Brett was walking back to his house with some buddies with a pizza years ago and Jen was leaving an ’80s party and was starving – they run into each other on the street, share some pizza and end up married!

The minute you meet Jen, you just want everything to be and work out perfect for her. She spends so much time making sure that everyone else is cared for and is ok that you literally do not want anything to go wrong for this girl. Ever. So, when it started pouring on her wedding day, I so almost cried for her. But ya know what, it ended up not mattering at all. She married Brett and she says that makes her pretty much the luckiest girl ever, so rain or shine, nothing can get this girl down. And Brett, well, it takes a pretty incredible guy to capture someone like Jen but I know he is going to make her the happiest girl ever.

Jen and Brett – I cannot thank you enough for inviting me to Michigan to be a witness to your amazing day. It is couples like you that make my job so easy and so fun and remind me that I love documenting LOVE! I hope you have a great time on your mini-moon and that you get that dream honeymoon to New Zealand one day soon!!

Ok, onto way too many photos.

Sometimes your wedding photographer knows best. While I am always super sorry to drag people outside in the heat, snow, wind and rain – trust me, it will be amazing in the photos. So glad that Jen and Brett totally trusted me and traipsed through the high soaking wet grass to get these amazing shots.

Perhaps the new front page to my website? I am pretty sure. Now just to decide on whether or not in color or black and white.  🙂

Umm. Yeah. Amazing.

I love happy parent dances!

I knew the second that “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” came on, they would no doubt be doing the lift.

Jen M.  – sorry, this one of your hubby had to be blogged.

Nothing like a little sibling robot…

and some Irish step?

Two amazing Dani Leigh Photography couples!

Jen and Brett – you are amazing. Never change anything.

Lauren, I love doing this with you. But I am super excited to see your own photography business take off. (PS – if you are a potential bride, we only wear brightly colored flip flops when they are passed out at receptions. We show up in black shoes….usually. 🙂 )

Sorry, no blog post would be complete without one embarrassing photo of Lauren.

But seriously, Lauren, thank you so much for snapping this one.  🙂

  • August 8, 2011 - 11:35 am

    Jen M - You KNOW I have been checking non-stop for this post! Outstanding again, Dani and Lauren … soooo many smiles in these pictures!!! Love the one of them practicing their first dance, the photobooth one, the b/w pic of Jenn AFTER the pic of Mr. Marinaccio pretending to be MJ (thank you for that), and I really love the one of them looking outside!!! Strong work ladies!

  • August 10, 2011 - 10:14 am

    Ali @ Around the VeggieTable - Dani those photos are absolutely AWESOME!!! This wedding looks like so much fun and I feel like I was there from the pics! Great job! I heart you 🙂

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