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Anne & Ryan – Old Ellicott City

I told Anne and Ryan that this post was going to be up this morning but then this happened:

So I will keep the words short so I can show off how amazing these two are at modeling. I met Anne my freshman year of high school. High School, to be honest, was a weird time for me. I hated it and didn’t have many friends – or maybe I am just too focused on all the people that made fun of me that I didn’t realize how many friends I had. That is an entirely different blog post. Anne was super cool. I liked hanging out with her. I thought she was awesome because she always worked on the school plays and new all the cool kids – and dated a senior! She let me borrow her really pretty prom dress for another school’s prom. We hung out on the weekends. She is just fun. We didn’t keep in touch through college but I don’t think we will have a problem being good friends again. We picked up right where we left off when we met a few weeks ago to talk about her wedding to the incredibly handsome, Ryan – seriously, like Teen Beat heart throb gorgeous.  🙂

I was super excited to photograph these moments and want to thank them both so much for putting up with my crazy requests and laughing at my really not funny jokes. That always makes me feel better about myself. See? Anne is a great friend.

I fell madly in love with this wall. I am positive I could have done the whole shoot against it. You will for sure see it again!

My favorite things!!!

Seriously?!?!?! Heart throb!

Loved loved loved taking all these!

Heart. So timeless feeling.

If you haven’t noticed already – these two are masters of the almost kiss. Masters. I would give them a degree in it if I could.

I think I scared them when I said they would make cute babies.  🙂

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