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Breaking a Blog & Big Brother

Yesterday, I broke my blog. Breaking my blog was a super good idea because I must have jumped into panic mode and thought about all the things I wasn’t going to be able to tell you since it was down which made me think about tons of ideas for blog posts which then made me think about how I haven’t even admitted to you my obsession with BIG BROTHER! And just so you know, I sometimes accidentally refer to it as Biggest Brother because I get it confused with Biggest Loser, just bear with me, I will likely realize it before I post it, or just leave it to give you something to look forward to.

Ok, so, when I say obsessed, I truly mean it. If it was the beginning of the season I likely would have subscribed to the live feed so I could watch them 24/7. Instead, I get to watch them 3 days a week for an hour during the actual broadcast and from midnight to 3am on Big Brother After Dark on Showtime 2.  Yes, I turn on my TV at midnight and watch them sit around and talk and make cinnamon rolls the complete wrong way because every once in awhile you get an awesome idea of what is happening in the house before it is even broadcasted.

Okay, this post seriously took me over an hour to write  because I got sucked into spoiler websites and NOW I KNOW WHO WINS POV THIS WEEK. It’s like unwrapping your Christmas presents before Christmas. You WANT to know, but you don’t really want to know. Sigh. I need someone to take the internet away from me.

I am mostly obsessed with Rachel, and that is strictly because she is the most obnoxious one in the house and probably no one wants her to win. There’s probably about 3 of you reading this post who know who she is but  I’m okay with that. Sometimes you have to sign up for your geek badge and if that means I publicly admit I’m addicted to Big Brother and want to be best friends with Rachel, then that’s what has to happen.

Ahhh it’s all my favorite Big Brother people in one picture!! Yes, even though I hate Daniele with a passion, she is still one of my favs, she at least kept things interesting. Tune in Wednesday night to see what I already know happens because I peak at Christmas presents!



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