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Pinterest Scavenger Hunt!

So my amazing friend Janice Reyes, of Janice Reyes Photography (amazing photographer in Austin, TX), decided a month ago that she would blog every day for a month and had a different theme for each day. I had so much fun that month going to her blog and seeing what she came up each day. Wednesday’s was Win Something Wednesday – and she would have a super cool competition. Well, I asked on my facebook page what I should blog about today and she was the first one to say Pinterest Scavenger Hunt. I know a lot of you have Pinterest – if you don’t email me and I will get you an invite. It is essentially a virtual pinboard and it is addicting. There is your warning. So, your job is to find a photo of each of the things listed on my little list below and pin them to a Dani Leigh Photography board and leave a link in the comments section below. Best pinboard gets a prize – although I am not sure what yet, I know I will come up with something good.

Happy pinning!!!

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