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Rachael & Rob – Fells Point Engagement Session

Fun fact – this weekend I photographed 3 different Rachel’s, but this is the only one who spells her name with an “ael” at the end, making her extra special.

Meeting Rachael was an amazing experience. Not even knowing my background for my other job, the one I am not supposed to talk about in public forums, Rachael’s cousin, Blair, who I’m sure you will see on this blog soon enough (hi Blair!) sent Rachael my contact info since she was also planning a wedding and was on the lookout for a photographer. After drinking coffee and getting to know each other Rachael spoke very openly about her experience as a liver transplant recipient. I instantly got goosebumps because unless asked I have an unwritten rule to not bring up other work, but this had to be spoken about. I have never actually met someone outside of my own donor families that has benefited from the grief work that I do. It was seriously an amazing moment and I knew I wanted to work with her more than ever.

Not to be understated, Rob her fiance, is serious fun. I knew it was going to be a pretty epic shoot when I show up to Slainte in Fells and Rob is just finishing up a Dogfish 90 Minute IPA just to get him warmed up for the shoot. Absolutely perfect. No question about it, this couple is amazing. Hope you like them!

This is a definite fav.

I told Rob to check her out like he really loved her. Then I had to remind him that he loves all of her. 🙂


  • November 7, 2011 - 6:41 pm

    Betsy - What an awesome experience it must have been to photograph this beautiful couple. It isn’t often we get to have those experiences in our line of work. Thank you, Dani, for doing what WE do!! (And for being a super spectacular photographer who I only wish I knew BEFORE I got married!!)

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