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Unblogged Events 2011: National Book Festival

I have done a ton of cool things this year that I have yet to blog for whatever reason. So, this week I will spend catching up on some unblogged events for 2011. The first is that National Book Festival. This event was the weekend of September 24-25, 2011 on the National Mall. It is organized and sponsored by the Library of Congress which is essentially who I was there taking pictures for. More than 100 authors, illustrators and poets made presentations on the National Mall throughout that weekend in the Fiction & Mystery, History & Biography, Contemporary Life, Poetry & Prose, Children, and Teens pavilions, the Family Storytelling Stage, and Graphic Novels categories. I think my favorite was the Let’s Read America Pavilion which was jam packed with little kids with performances by acts from PBS Kids, Disney Channel, and many others.  It was an incredible weekend and I truly loved being invited to photograph the event. If you are interested in finding out information for next year’s book fest, you can follow along here for more info.

On to the photos!

This is Miss International 2011 with the president of the Junior League of Congress reading to some cutie pies!

Chair and Co-Chair of the event!

People waited over 3 hours to get their books signed by David McCullough. He stayed way past the hour he was supposed to be there to make sure everyones booked got signed. Pretty incredible.

My absolute favorite of the day was Terry McMillan who wrote How Stella Got her Groove Back, Waiting to Exhale, and Getting to Happy. She was absolutely hysterical in her speech and so nice to everyone whose book she signed. Quite shocked in fact that so many people came out for her.

She started her speech off talking about how she was going to try to trick us all by drinking this water she stole from her hotel since it looked like a bottle of vodka. She had the whole audience laughing so hard by the end.

Curious George was there!

This is Cedella Marley, Bob Marley’s daughter, who wrote a children’s book called One Love based on her father’s song.

Terry McMillan smiling away as she signed everyone’s books.

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