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Frosting: A Cupcakery

Consider this your warning: you are going to want cupcakes after seeing this blog post. There is no way around it. I would right now stop and google a cupcake place around you if you are not near Frosting: A Cupcakery. Even if you aren’t near it, you should probably drive to it, because it is awesome. And tastes so much better than Georgetown Cupcake. Bam. I said it. Starting off with a bold statements in this first post of the New Year.  But really, that wasn’t that bold, because I am telling the truth. Frosting is amazing.

Frosting is their dream come true. Michelle, one of the owners, was sick and tired of the corporate world and with the support of her awesome baking Mom and super cute hubby, Todd, opened Frosting. Amazing things have happened for them since. I was so happy to be able to head down there, eat some cupcakes, and start their new marketing photos for 2012!!

Ok, remember your warning. I gave you a few so you can get the lay of the land when you get there and see their merchandise. But now it is onto the goods!

Mmmmm. Mmmmm….omg. Why do mine come out so flat!?

Michelle doesn’t like pictures of herself, which I think is just absolutely absurd. How cute are these two???

Hello Happy.

This is the Elvis Pretzeley. Pretzel cake bottom with milk chocolate ganache, pretzel crumbs and coarse sea salt. Yum. Make sure you don’t drool on your keyboard.

Strawberry Girl.

Sweetie Pie: sweet potato cake, with toasted marshmallow frosting. Yep.

Cupcakes for the holidays? Yes, they do that. And cakes! They make holiday cakes! Fact for next year.

Ending with some total cuteness.

  • January 2, 2012 - 1:10 pm

    Andrea A - Elvis Pretzeley. I love it! I have to have one!

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