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What Alice Forgot

When I wrote my birthday list the other day, I didn’t think I would have an update for you so quickly! But I have already finished 1 of my 12 books and I felt like telling you about it.

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty is a quick read, mostly because you can’t put it down. You are constantly wondering what is going to happen, but not in suspenseful way. I tend to like lighter, fun books usually with a pink cover so this was a good find even though initially I was scared it was going to be too heavy (thanks, Mom). Quite the contrary, there is enough character development to make these people in the book feel like real humans you could have just sat and had brunch with.

The story is about 39 year old Alice who has turned out to be a total control freak, almost superficial and a super mom. She runs and does spin class, she dresses to the nines and won’t leave the house without makeup. She is absent to her sister who needs her so much in her life and in the middle of a brutal custody battle with her husband she is separated from for her 3 kids. At spin class one day she falls off her bike and gets amnesia and has essentially forgotten the last 10 years of her life. The now 29-year-old Alice believes that she’s happily married and pregnant with her first child, that that she and her sister are still best friends, and that she couldn’t even believe she would be in a gym because she hates exercising.It comes as a series of shocks to her when she realizes she has three actual children and that not only does she not remember having them, she doesn’t remember them period.

As the story goes on and she is trying to figure out what happened in the last ten years of her life, she realizes that her and her husband have done every single thing to their first house that they ever dreamed of doing, including getting a pool. She is a mom of 3 gorgeous kids whose “real” pictures line the foyer. Her home was exactly how she and her husband wanted and envisioned it being in the future when she was 29. Throughout the story, she realizes how much she has changed and how much she has truly taken everything for granted and wants her life back the way it was….Except the clothes, “the clothes can stay.” I thought that was one of the cutest lines from the book.

Anyway – if you are looking for a good quick read, this is definitely a great book for you!

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