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Hunger Games & I wish I was as funny as my brother

I have a seriously awesome family. Think about how awesome yours is and then times it time infinity because we are so cool. There are many of you readers – if anyone reads this anymore (because I am convinced no one does except my mom and Janice – hey you two!) – who actually think I am a funny girl. Well, I am nowhere near as funny as my brother, Brett. In fact, I have been informed by my family that I am not the funny one a few years back and since then have just let Brett be that guy. I think I have become the person who gives him the material to make fun of at this point. Anyway, so a few months ago almost my whole funny family had read the Hunger Games series, except Brett, he has since finished the book but while he was reading Brett had been emailing Mom, Melanie and me his amazing tidbits about this book and I literally spit out my drink at the one I got today. This is your warning that if you have not read the hunger games, there may be some spoilers below.
A few weeks ago I got this:
So im to the part where the tributes begin the training, and I gotta tell you….I got a bad feeling about that girl Rue, small 12 year old (still finer motor skills than melanie apparently) but i dont think she is going to make it.  Cold world in the district
And then a few days after that last one, I receive this:
I cant believe the nerve of Peeta, first you confess to everyone in your tv interview that youre “frisky for the Catnip” (For Melanie- he has a crush on her), then the next day join up with those career goons to hunt her down.   From now on Peeta will be called “Peeda bed” in emails, because i can only guess that he peed the bed because he was so scared that night before the games. Im sure thats the reason he was also on the roof when Cat went up because she couldnt sleep,  By the way, in my head all the career goons look like this, just like crazy rambo with the personality of a nightclub bouncer whose excited because he finally gets to throw someone out

Based on his name (im literally stereo-typing this), in my head Peeta looked like the young guy from Slumdog millionaire.  Instead of putting a picture of that guy from the movie, I found an image of what he might look like animated…..

Seriously though I cant wait to keep reading, i stayed up later than expected last night because the “game is finally on”.  When i forced myself to stop reading, the Goonsquad and Peeda bed had Catnip up in the tree with them plotting her demise below.  Thats when Cat notices Rue in the next tree over and a crazy wasps nests.  Final picture is what I believe innocent Little Rue Who Who was no more than Two…years older than a 10 year old probably looks like.
This was next:
Finally got a chance to read some more….I didnt like what i saw with my eyeballs
Chapter 1 – Chapter 17
A shy girl but friendly and loyal when you got to know her, Rue was always there for others.  Coming from a large family and absent parents, Rue dropped out of school in the 3rd grade in order to support her younger siblings.  She had hoped to get back in school to study Botany after finding a passion for agriculture.  Rue passed away in the tail end of Chapter 17 from a combination of negligent knowledge of traps and and a spear to the abdomen.  She is survived by 2 younger sisters who both reside in District 11.
I am happy to say that as a family we all went to see Hunger Games at 9:50am on Saturday. I loved it – we were the first ones in the theater and got the best seats in the house. I will admit that I came home and starting really thinking about it and then got a little sad thinking about how much was left out but I don’t think they could have had much more. I also found myself wondering if people who hadn’t read the books had any idea what was going on just because it seemed to move through things quick – despite the fact that it was more than a 2 hour movie. All in all, I can’t wait to see it again and I can’t wait to start reading them all over again!. 🙂
  • March 27, 2012 - 5:08 pm

    Julie - 1 – Your blog is one of the first sites I check every morning, so you’ve got at least 3 consistent readers.
    2 – I almost peed my pants reading this (partially because I have a small whale sitting on my bladder). He’s pretty funny.
    3 – You almost made me want to pick up a book and read it. Almost. I’ll think about it. I’ll definitely go see the movie.

  • March 27, 2012 - 8:27 pm

    Mom - My oldest child thinks her family is awesome and cool??? My job is done here!

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