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Emily & Jordan

Friday night I made my way out to Owings Mills, MD for an engagement session! Friday evening sessions are like happy hour for me. They are laid back and fun and the best way to start a busy weekend.  And it helped that Emily and Jordan are both absolutely gorgeous and were so happy to just do whatever I told them to. Sweet.

We emailed back and forth about the possibility of using one of (11) his dad’s antique cars just around the neighborhood his dad lives in. I loved the idea. Heck yes. I was all over that. (I was more like: WEAREUSINGANANTIQUECAR OMG!! I/THEY AM/ARE SO COOL!). Can you guys tell I have had too much caffeine already this morning? Me too.

Anyway, I am having a ball editing away at these pictures. I picked way too many for the blog so you will have to deal with a ton of eye candy this morning.

Emily and Jordan – I can’t wait for the big day!! Seriously!!

Insert cat calls here! Ow Ow!

Couldn’t resist not getting one shot with the frog!


  • April 16, 2012 - 9:41 pm

    Diane Lieberman - Love these!

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