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Julie & Jeff

Dear Julie,

You are pregnant again. AGAIN! I remember sitting outside at Panera and you telling me you think you are pregnant again only to find out a few weeks later that you are in fact pregnant….again. I loved the way you told me this time. It wasn’t half priced bottle of wine night and to be honest, I loved that you were not totally sure about it. While you were excited, you also had a mundane tone which just made both of us giggle. Anyway, since you are welcoming baby numero dos, I thought I would leave you with a little advice, because who better to take advice from than a girl who a) has no babies, b) goes to Roasthouse Pub more days of the week than necessary and c) cannot stand to talk about breast milk.

Remember that since you work outside of your home, going to work will probably be more relaxing than being at home and chasing a toddler while holding an infant.  You can sit down and take bathroom breaks whenever you want.  Do not give this up.

Lower your expectations and don’t expect to nap. Ever again. 

Go to bed when Jakob goes to bed, even if it is 7pm. You need to rest! 

For the next 3 weeks while you try to keep this baby in, relax your standards about TV watching, eating snacks away from the table, and cleanliness.  Letting a few boogers go unwiped, putting on an Elmo video, and ignoring the crumbs that you can’t lean over to clean up is worth it if it gets you ten minutes to put your feet up. 

Above all else, remember the mantra that the days are long but the years are short. These are the times you will look back and smile and wish they were here again… before the kids get sassy or don’t want to snuggle anymore.  You might as well enjoy them, right? 🙂 I think yes.

In all honesty, I couldn’t be more happy for you! I love the little family you have worked so hard to create and can’t wait for baby number three… that you will have when I am on baby number 1 right? So we can live out our dream of eating ben and jerry’s literally all day long and watching crappy MTV shows? Yes. Thanks.

Your RAF,


  • May 2, 2012 - 9:27 am

    Amanda - Love these pictures! Jakob is getting so big! And Julieis just radiating that motherly beauty! Congratulations!

  • May 2, 2012 - 10:34 am

    Julie - Dani,

    Thank you again for the amazing photos! And, by far, probably the best advice I have ever received 🙂

    RAFs forever!


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