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Wrap Up!

What an interesting and jam packed week and it isn’t even over yet! I did so much this week, did get some much needed rest, and have a wedding tonight, tomorrow and a half marathon relay to run bright and early Sunday morning. Why I do this to myself, I do not know. But I am looking forward to all of it!


This week started the instagram project. For those of you who haven’t read my blog yet this week – yes, I know there are some only once a week readers – you should join in the fun!

I also said I would be blogging some of my favorites. I have decided that I am going to blog them on Friday’s as part of my wrap up! Seems like a good place for them.

The first day we had home. We wanted to know what home looks like or means to you. These can be as literal or as open minded as you want them to be – we just love seeing your pictures! The beauty of hashtags is that you can see everyone’s pictures. I am secretly loving this snaphappy community we are creating. 🙂 Anyway, these were my favs from #snaphappyhuntmay1. 🙂

Such a good idea!

Love this!

Home is something hopeful and something incredible to look forward to! So soon!

#snaphappyhuntmay2 was morning. These were very telling. Some people’s mornings started way before I even posted my picture, some made bacon, most were work, and 3 were studying! Ahh! Studying! This was posted at around 7am his time!

Some people still have to go to school. (So curious as to what this little kid is going to post today for happy hour….)

And I am guilty of this and this one actually made me laugh out loud. Under the desk is definitely shoe storage.

And yesterday was friends! Aww! Friends!! I loved all of friends but this one was my absolute favorite. 🙂 It really sums up the love, laughter and happiness that friends bring.


It has been really hot outside. I am fond of this.


I bought a book on Florence. I sincerely cannot wait for this trip!! Less than 2 months!


I want to make all of these cupcakes. Totally intrigued by the one with beets.


My favorite concert ladies and I added another concert to our list in August – cannot wait until the Mixtape Fest!



I am 100% out of credit card debt. And I went out to celebrate using my debit card! Woohooo!


When do I get to go here?


Hope everyone has a happy friday!! I’m off to load up on carbs!!

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