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Luisa & Geoff – USNA and Annapolis

Sunday afternoon, I should be wanting to die at that point because of how badly my feet hurt but up walks Luisa and my whole afternoon is better. Luisa is seriously so sweet. I met Luisa and Geoff on skype as she lives in Colorado and he will be in his last year at USNA. Luisa has a great smile and is so easy to talk to. But what I think I like most about Luisa is her drive and total independence.  I love that just because Geoff is in Annapolis doesn’t mean she is going to drop everything and move to the east coast – even though she should because it is way warmer and she doesn’t like the cold – she has her own dreams and ambitions and hopes and decided she isn’t giving them up just because her fiance is in Annapolis. Now Geoff, equally as sweet, sorta shy sorta not, is incredible. He is seriously going to make an amazing husband to Luisa and it is obvious when they are together that they truly love each other. Like fo real. 🙂

We started pictures at the USNA and then made our way to some of the nooks and crannies downtown that I love so much. Hope you all enjoy!!

Love love love.

Probably my fav.


I love Luisa giggles.

I just love these two!!!!

  • May 24, 2012 - 8:23 am

    Jaime - Adorable couple! Annapolis is such a beautiful place for pictures! Probably my favorite engagement session yet! Congratulations to them! Yes I still read your blog obsessively 😉

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