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Oh, my dear friend Jennifer. Literally there has not been a time that I have hung out with her and not laughed hysterically, done something totally random, or drank in the middle of the day (unless we aren’t hanging out in the middle of the day and then, we are having a drink at night). She is so much fun and I want her to stay in Bmore forever so I have somewhere to park my car and someone to tell me about all the cool restaurants like Townhouse and Waterfront and Mr Rain’s Fun House and be my tour guide in a city I always thought I knew well, but she obviously knows better.

Last week was no different. Jen and I trekked through small crowds and then massive crowds to see awesome ships for Star Spangled Sailabration, which commemorated Maryland’s pivotal role in the War of 1812. So many huge ships came in from all around the world to celebrate and rumor has it they will be back in 2014 to continue the sailabration!! I’m already excited and will be forcing Jen to come back if she is no longer here. 🙂

Uhh, yes, if I saw this coming at me under the water, I would probably pee myself.

I think these guys were from the Indonesian ship. They were cool! And apparently were all playing instruments when they were coming into the harbor  – sounded like a huge party!

These are just silly American boys from the Constellation. I made fun of them a wee bit. And because I can’t not notice it, I promise my stomach is way flatter than that in real life and I am drinking a cocktail a few photos down so no, I am not pregnant.

And then we ate tasty, tasty food and had some really awesome cocktails at Mr. Rain’s Fun House at AVAM. This is the land and sea and it was so delicious. I can still taste it. Super quenching on a sunny summer day.

I dubbed these little balls of happiness! They were delicious!

Amazing veggie sandwich!

And an awesome looking salad with crab meat, bacon and manchego!

It’s hard not to just heart this girl.

Even when she is sad I am going to post an embarrassing picture of her on my blog….

….voguing with utensils. Sounds about right for a day out with Jen.

For funsies!


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