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Wrap Up!! With Kit (The person not the car)

Hi everyone, the name’s Kit. Hi Kit, call us everyone. Very well, nice to meet all of you!

Now that the introductions are out of the way let me just say that I was a little nervous signing up to do a post. We had just finished slamming some El Paso and Dani asked if I wanted to do a post while she was away. I got an awkward smile on my face and the wrap up was suggested; apparently I’m pretty good at posting random awesome stuff I find on the interwebs (I’m taking that as a complement). Let start with a “my week” and move onto other stuff, that work? No? Really? Well to bad you don’t get a say in it.

I have been gone for a week with my lovely wife Ali (of Kit+Ali and Around The Veggietable fame) and family on a magical trip to the British Virgin Islands. We had an awesome time doing a variety of activities…

Self portraits with wild sea turtles!


EATING (Two breakfasts sometimes)!

Playing in the water!

Finding things at the Baths!

Hanging out!

That is what we call an uber-summary (Trade marked. Patent pending. Just kidding or am I) of a really awesome week we were so blessed to be able to have (Thanks P-funk!). There are about a thousand more photos, so maybe another guest blogger will give you more of a peek!

Here we go! I scoured the deepest chasms of the internet (but not so deep that parental controls start crying bloody murder) to bring you some tasty Friday treats! Hop into the only limo I would consider buying and lets go for a ride.


Our first stop is to watch the Pakistani Coast Guard go liqueur confiscating, level Steamroller.


Next stop, Movie Town for a hilarious Gotye/Star Wars Parody.

How about we stay in Movie Town for one more video then we move onto CATS!!! Enjoy the oooohhhh-awwwwwesome…


Our third stop of the day bring us to CATS!!! with the Invasion of the Hover Cats and Cats Doing Invisible Things!


Now that cats are on the brain, apparently Google made an artificial intelligence system with 16,000 processors and let it loose on the internet to learn and guess what it learned to recognize… CATS!


Wow all this tour guiding made me awfully hungry. Lets relax this weekend and grill up some tasty delights with the Grill Comb I just found/want.

And lets not forget to cool down with a drink cooled down with these take-my-money ice ball makers /throws-cash-at-his-screen.


Now that your eyes and bellies are full I want to thank you for stopping by and taking a tour of the webs with me. As soon as I have time that isn’t filled with my many other hobbies (ask my wife, they are numerous) I might make a place for my findings to live. Until then I will keep scouring and searching the farthest reaches of the web and putting them in my bookmarks for the occasion I can share them and not just chuckle to myself and get strange looks from my co-workers.

Have an awesome evening and Happy New Year (I’m getting it out of the way since we might not get another chance to talk before then). It was lovely to meet everyone! Good luck and congratulations on the upcoming and recently nuptialed!

Sorry for any spelling/grammar errors; it is the internet after all.

Kit 😀

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