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Working with Dani Leigh Photography

I’m Sarah! Dani recently shot my wedding at the Elkridge Furnace Inn. Thankfully, we had a beautiful weekend with cool temperatures. I  am currently blogging from Panera since we have been without power since Friday. So please excuse any typos 😉 I am sure many of you can relate. For a brief break from the heat, I am going to tell you about my recent experience with Dani Leigh Photography.

When my husband (It is still so surreal to call him that) and I sat down to create a budget for our wedding we knew we had to prioritize. We talked about our vision and what was important to us and ultimately came to the realization that at the end of the day the only thing (besides memories) that we would have left was our pictures.

After talking and meeting with a few photographers, we ultimately decided on Dani. I can honestly say we have NO regrets in this decision. Our main reason for choosing Dani was I fell in love with her work. Unlike many of the photographers we met with, Dani is very keen on social media. From my desk I was able to get good feeling of Dani and her work at our venue before we even met her. What really blew me away was she took amazing photos outside but also inside on a dreary rainy day. She also is constantly updating her Facebook page and Pinterest boards, giving me a general feel for her personality. My thoughts on Dani were confirmed when we met with her in person. She was nice, professional, to the point and could make us laugh. Essentially she met ALL of our qualifications.

Our engagement session further confirmed my feelings towards her. Jay (my husband) thinks he doesn’t take great pictures. I only partially agree with him, the honest truth is he doesn’t take good pictures because he can’t refrain from making funny faces in front of the camera. Now I know Dani takes lots of pictures of families, but I highly doubt she expected she was actually meeting with a child when we did our engagement pictures. Needless to say, Jay snuck in a few funny faces and tongues in our engagement pictures. Thankfully Dani found it funny! And while she provided us with around 100 fantastic looking pictures, she was nice enough to also pass along (and edit) a few of those funny faces.

I think it just goes to show how quickly we took to Dani as Jay started making funny faces at her in the first pose she put us in. I am still not sure why I actually married him.

But, what impressed me most about Dani is how quickly she returned our photos to us. We had our edited engagement photos back to us within 2 weeks, and she even apologized for them being late. Personally, I was surprised to even have them! I wasn’t expecting them for at least a month.

This spring/summer was pretty busy for Jay and I as we were planning a wedding apart. He is currently living with my parents in Baltimore while he finishes a clinical rotation while I am residing in DC working full time. Despite all the stress and coordination, Dani made our wedding photography a breeze. About a month before the wedding, as my mom and I tried to coordinate final meetings, I touched base with Dani and learned that we could (if I wanted) do the final details via e-mail. Needless to say I was thankful! Then a few weeks later, I receive a nice e-mail from her about how she is excited for our wedding and it’s time to coordinate her side of the day. Within a few e-mails we had everything straight. Plus, she was super responsive to my e-mails the week of my wedding when my mom suddenly requested a few additional photos (like the one below of my cousins).

Working with Dani on our wedding day was a breeze. Overall, I trusted all of our vendors and am happy with their performance. But your photographer is different, when Jay and I weren’t surrounded by people we were on our own with Dani and her second shooter, Steve. Both Dani and Steve made us feel super relaxed, at times I almost forgot they were there and completely soaked in the moment. She gave us great cues, which inevitably lead to fantastic pictures. I think the greatest thing about Dani, is she is super good at reading a group. Our bridal party was a little goofy. She completely rolled with the punches and was able to capture some classic shots of our group.

I think every family has its kinks. I personally was very worried about a good immediate family shot because my brother doesn’t like being photographed. The combination of my brother cooperating because it being my wedding day and Dani’s skill resulted in a great shot that I cannot wait to frame!

Overall, I highly recommend Dani to any bride. She takes great candid photographs, which is exactly what we wanted. The only thing I would caution brides about when it comes to her photography is actually your (the brides) Mom. Through the entire wedding planning process my Mom assumed that weddings were a lot like they were when she got married in the 1980’s. And, yes, she really wanted us to have a raised cake with columns like Princess Diana’s. Obviously, that is not what we choose.

My mom was not involved in our photographer choice and gave me little guidance as to what she expected from photography except a shot of her and my dad and a “cousins” shot. Needless to say she was slightly disappointed when the one shot she wanted of Jay and I wasn’t exactly as she expected. Granted, I did not know this shot was super important to her, or I would have tried to get it. And we got a similar shot, but she was upset that my husband was not wearing his jacket which I took off of him. Ooops! The bottom-line, no one can read minds, so make sure you know what others (aka Mom and Dad) are expecting from your photography. And hire Dani!! She is worth every penny, super easy to work with and very flexible.

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