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Luke is 1!

Omg, this kid is the best!!! I was so happy when Meredith contacted me and asked me to do photos for Luke’s first birthday which is this Wednesday! He smiled so much and was just so friggin’ happy. Aside from his poor taste of songs – he smiled so big every time his dad did his diddy of What Does the Fox Say – he was seriously so fun. Even when he stuck his whole leg in cake and cried for a few, it made us all smile. I couldn’t be happier to continue to photograph this adorable family.

Foot in the cake! Tragic!

The good news is that foot/leg cake is also delicious.

This is how I want to eat cake. Not with a fork. More so just shoveling it into my mouth with my hands.

Sugar rush!

I couldn’t help but keep shooting, he is just so darn cute!!

  • March 19, 2014 - 10:52 am

    Miriam Schwartz - hahahaha, foot in the cake, poor baby!!!! love his faces, especially the last one!

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