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Briana & Brian

My last session of the weekend was with these two beauties! Briana and Brian were referred to me by Briana’s sister, Tara, who is a photographer alongside her awesome husband Richard of Richard Veytsman Photography. I really cannot wait to meet them in person and I am so grateful for their kindness in sending these two my way. We exchanged a few emails and decided on Fells Point as the backdrop to their engagement session. I hadn’t been in months and I was so happy to hear that it was the very part of Baltimore that these two met. Brian was home to visit his daughter and Briana didn’t have to go to work. So, what do two attractive, young and really fun people do on a weekend day in Baltimore? They go to John Stevens and get a drink and meet each other! I am so glad they did too because these two are perfect for each other. Come on December!!! Let’s get these two married!

  • March 26, 2014 - 11:17 am

    Brea - I love her smile! She looks so happy. Beautiful stuff 🙂

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