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Deb & Jacob – Turf Valley

Jacob and Deb. Oh man. I remember meeting with them and thinking these two are hysterical. Then I became facebook friends with them and realized they were even more hysterical – or maybe Jacob was hysterical and Deb is the one who even hims out which I am sure is needed from time to time. And then I sat down to write this blog post and just decided to peruse upon their wedding page and found this gem which is how Jacob describes meeting Deb for the first time and realized yes, they are actually hysterical:

Deborah and I met many moons ago at Jurassic Park, I was the Velociraptor wrangler and she was an anesthesia provider for risky bush surgeries. Our first meeting occurred when I was rushed to her OR after suffering a vicious bite from a young male Velociraptor. Deborah came to my room and our eyes met for the first time as she walked in through the door, she explained what she was going to do and the effects of anesthesia. I awoke several hours later to see Deborah sitting by my bed side monitoring me, she said I was having a rocky go of it but I pulled through. Deborah never left my side that first night and hasn’t since we left the island. I cannot wait to call her my wife.

Their wedding was at Turf Valley on the most perfectly cloudy day ever and it was so much fun! From meeting so many family and friends to Jacob telling me I needed to get to clicky clicky so he can drinky drinky during their portraits to dancing the night away with all their buddies, the day could not have been any better. And to top it all off, these two are expecting their first little baby in a few short months!! It was funny how a switch flipped in Jacob’s brain when at the end of portraits I asked if maybe we could do a couple photos to acknowledge the little life Deb has growing inside of her and Jacob got all serious and even started suggesting poses for me. He is seriously too much. Deb, I know you have a lifetime of fun ahead of you!!



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