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Alli & Tim

These two are so hysterical, that this shoot actually was basically them making fun of each other the whole time, and there may have been too many laughing photos if that is even possible (and it’s not, I love laughter, laugh the whole session, guys, it is supposed to be fun and I am funny!). I did have them channel their love for each other for a few photos – but otherwise it was just Tim being super worried about him being seen in a sweater. And I am sure he loves that I am calling him out on it here. I photographed Alli’s awesome sister’s wedding awhile ago – it’s starting to make me feel old, you guys! – and in the process I made friends with not only Lauren and Spencer and their pup Stink but also Alli who was the designated dog wrangler for their photoshoot. Now we are adding Tim to the mix and Goat! Don’t worry guys – neither of these dog names are their actual names, just fun nicknames that Spencer likely came up with.



  • December 2, 2015 - 7:57 pm

    Lauren - Andddd Dani does an amazing job again!! <3 <3 LOVE THESE

    P.S. Spencer 100% came up with those dog nicknames. You know us too well

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