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Farrah & Derek | Evergreen Museum & Library Wedding

The long overdue blog post of Farrah & Derek’s wedding day is finally here!!! You may recognize these two from their awesome San Francisco engagement session. Their wedding day was just as amazing! I had been praying all month that it would be perfect weather and we got so lucky! The day unfolded so perfectly, just like the day they met at a music fest and danced by themselves in a field already falling in love and not even knowing it yet, or the perfectly planned proposal on a bench in Fells Point. I love Derek’s version of the story, it cracked me up, I don’t even want to dumb it down, you can just read it, heart you Derek!:

It had always been important to me that my fiance have no idea when (or if) I was going to propose. So when I knew the time was right to ask Farrah, everything had to be done in a clandestine fashion. This included not letting anyone in her family know until the ultimate last second, to avoid potential leaks. My mom (co-conspirator) gave Farrah a spa day for Christmas. This bought me precious time away from her that I would use to rendezvous with Farrah’s mother and father to explain my intentions and ask for their blessing. Through some fast talking and a free lunch bribe, I was able to acquire said blessing.

With no time to waste, I rushed to pick Farrah up as her spa treatments came to an end. As we were in town only briefly for the holidays, I casually suggested we grab dinner at Ra sushi (ground 0 for our first date). We had some time before dinner, so as we strolled the Fells Point cobblestones, we neared the very pier we visited on our first date. I nervously attempted to steer us down that pier to the bench on which we first sat (during our first date). I was sure she was on to me now, but she seemed too relaxed from her spa treatment to be suspicious. So I endeavored to reach the bench. Thankfully we made it but for one college kid (I speculate a weed dealer) (Dani’s take: totally accurate probably) on an adjacent bench, everything was perfect.

My heart raced, I knew my life was about to change, and that damn kid was still there. But I could wait no longer, the time was now, so I uttered a few words about how much she to means to me and what I wanted for our future, attempting to segue into a life changing question. I spun around and landed (some say gracefully) on one knee. The question for me was a little blurry, but I do know that I asked her something before blacking out. I may have been talking the entire time, I may have frozen in silence, but when I finally came to she was wearing the ring, crying, and seemingly happy. I asked her what her answer was (just to confirm), and to my delight the answer was a tearful and exuberant ‘YES’. The mission was a success. She was completely surprised, she said yes, and I had scared away a potential drug dealer ensuring the future safety of our special bench.

Now you guys know how much of a sweetheart this Derek guy is!! And funny too. Derek wanted to make sure on the wedding day that everything was just as perfect for Farrah because he didn’t want her to be disappointed in any way. Well, I think that without a doubt, there was nothing to be disappointed about. Everything was absolutely amazing and I was so happy to be a part of their day!

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  • May 9, 2016 - 12:28 pm

    Emily - Holy moly, these are so perfect!! I think I looked at them like five times. Farrah and Derek look so incredibly happy together and you did a fantastic job of capturing their love!

  • May 9, 2016 - 1:08 pm

    Lauren - LOVE!!! This was such a beautiful wedding to shoot with you 🙂 Such a sweet couple!

  • May 9, 2016 - 3:47 pm

    Jennifer - wow! This wedding looks like so much fun. You captured their day just perfectly… I love the little dude with his glasses!

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