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Amy & Jonathan

Amy and Jonathan are absolutely adorable and so much fun to be around. Amy actually went to pharmacy school with my husband (who actually referred them to me, thanks hubs!). Not where I was trying to go with this story, but I know he will appreciate the credit. Amy worked for a pharmacy that was really no fun to work for, I know nearly first hand this is the truth. But one day, she broke free from the terrible pharmacy and to celebrate planned a trip to New Orleans! (Excellent choice, Amy!) On a cloudy Sunday afternoon, January 3rd, Jon insisted that they go to the Audubon Zoo. They picked up an uber and Jon asked the driver to drop them off at the park next to the zoo. The driver chose to drop them off at the zoo entrance instead much to Jon’s irritation. Amy suggested they just go to the zoo instead of the park but Jon refused. He stated he wanted to find the Tree of Life (this tree looks an awful lot like the one in Charleston called Angel Oak which they wanted to see when they were there prior to this but ran out of time). They walked around for 30 minutes before finally locating this tree. As Amy read the plaque on this history of the tree, Jon got down on one knee and opened the jewelry box containing the most perfect ring. He said “This is the tree of life. I want you to be my wife.” Amy of course said “YES!” and jumped into his arms. I love their story and cannot wait until their wedding day! We got to wander around downtown Frederick for their engagement session which was so much fun!


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