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Virginia & Brian | Four Seasons Wedding

Oh, this wedding. I cried. It was such a beautiful day. Small and quaint, yet huge in love and happiness. I hadn’t met Virginia or Brian in person before the wedding but it didn’t take me long to love them when I met them. Virginia is definitely a cool mom to such a perfect little girl and Brian is going to be the most amazing dad to this little lady. During the ceremony, there were two emotional moments both involving little Ronnie and Brian. I loved watching the emotions just all come to the forefront. Brian got teary when Virginia was heading down that aisle towards him and then there wasn’t a dry eye in the whole ceremony as Brian promised to that little girl to always be there for her and her mom and then presented her with a necklace with three hearts representing each of them. I am actually tearing up while writing this. It was just such a sweet moment and really set the tone of being able to not only celebrate Virginia and Brian as a couple, but Virginia, Brian, and Ronnie as a family the rest of the day.


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