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Monica & Andrew | Engineers Club Wedding

In my wedding day questionnaire that I send to couples before there wedding day, I ask them to describe there wedding in one sentence. Some people don’t even fill this section out, which is fine, I know everyone has a life and shiz to do but I always find when the couples do fill this little part out I get to know just a little glimpse of what they are hoping for on their wedding day. Some of them are big dreams. Some of them are quaint and happy sayings. And then some of them are spot on. Monica and Andrew described their wedding day as “Us being stupid happy, surrounded by the best people in the world, in a setting more luxe than we could have dreamed.” It was that and so much more. While everyone was being serious for the whole bridal party shot and standing and smiling right at me, these two were just being stupid happy, giggling at each other, waving to passerbys, and living in the moment. I loved every second of it, so I just kept shooting. I am so so so happy to share this wedding today and to have been a part of their love for the day!! They reminded me to hug my own husband a little tighter, not take everything so seriously and to have as much fun as humanly possible.




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