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Alli & Tim | Valley Mansion Country Club Wedding

One time a few years ago, jeez, more years than I would like to admit actually, I stole a parking spot from Alli. Her sister, Lauren, or maybe it was me, picked literally the worst Starbucks location in the world for our meeting for Lauren’s wedding. It was on the corner of a busy road and it had a crazy drive thru and then maybe like 8 parking spots. If you have been to a Starbucks you know this is not enough spots. I am pretty sure it was one of the first things they mentioned to me when they sat down, so I knew they were going to be so much fun and I needed to make them my friends so they didn’t let air out of my tires and so I could shoot both of their weddings. Lucky for me, whatever I did worked. And I got to shoot Lauren and her husband’s, Spencer, wedding and then this October, I got to photograph little but mightly, adorable Alli and her cut off tshirt wearing (but dresses up pretty friggin nice in a tux!) now husband, Tim’s wedding. I learned a lot of crazy things at this wedding – but the biggest thing I learned is that you should definitely not play the game Macho Man/Woman (definitely google that if you are into drinking games) at Valley. Ever. These guys and their incredible families were so much fun to spend my day with. I always feel like I am hanging out with old friends when I am with them!










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