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Brad & Ceci

I think this is my 8th yearly shoot with Brad and Ceci!! It was such a pretty day and then all of the sudden about an hour before their shoot it got dark and windy and mother nature starting spitting out what? Freezing rain? I don’t know but it was dumb. But we had picked a good spot for this to happen. We were outside for probably a total of 15 minutes where I got exactly what I wanted before we ventured inside Savage Mill. And boy did I feel dumb. I cannot tell you how many times I have been to Savage Mill and never knew that the whole right hand side of it is awesome little shops. I never thought to go into what I thought was a little antique store to venture into the rest! But we went in and out of shops, found pretty spots and took photos. It was delightful just like it is every year!



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