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Behind the Scenes: 2016 Edition

Wow, you guys. What a crazy fun year it has been! I welcomed a son into the world in February and got right back at it April 2nd with wedding season. I cut back this year because I wasn’t sure how I could handle doing my usual 40+, especially with taking off until April. I am proud to say I photographed 32 amazing weddings in 2016 and had over 20 sessions for families, engagements, etc in October alone, so who knows how many for the year total. I met so many amazing people, photographed 2 same sex weddings (would love to increase that in 2017!! Just sayin!), watched everyone dance to Don’t Stop Believing at all but 3 weddings, and traveled to 3 weddings. I cried a lot, mostly because all of you are just so sweet. Mother son dances get me choked up now. My favorite song was Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw which a lot of you took your mom for a spin on the dance floor with. I fluffed a lot of dresses. You ladies and those trains were amazing this year!! Simply put, I had so much fun this year. It was amazing to get to do both things – being a mom and being your wedding photographer. I was so worried that finding a balance would be much harder. Thank you all for making it easy! And thank you for all your sweet words, your adorable onesies, and your stuffed animals you brought on YOUR wedding day for me to take home and give to my babe after being away all day. It truly means the world to me. 2017!!! BRING IT ON!

(These are presented in no particular order and some are not edited at all, so no judgement because this is just my annual fun end of the year post!)


Not my hair tie! I seriously steal all of your hair ties if I catch you wearing them. I have a stash in my camera bag if anyone ever needs one. 🙂




Anna Reynal | Cheerful Photography |

I love seeing old clients at weddings!!!


No idea.



Anna Reynal | Cheerful Photography |

This is sometimes how I make you laugh. Or pose for my seconds. Never know what is going to happen next!


Maybe a new tradition for 2017? Selfies with my bride and fancy camera!


I don’t always show you the back of my camera but when I do… normally tell me the screen is black and I have to hit the play button again and I feel dumb. But then you should all go Awwwwwww!!! OMG!! THIS IS AMAZING! Kapeesh?


I wear biker shorts under my dresses.


Cannot even tell you how many of you scared the crap out of me by screaming OWW when I DON’T stab you with a needle… Argh! I am not falling for it again!


Sometimes I get to work with Lee Russell and his pops! It’s definitely the most fun!


Also FUN! ANNA REYNAL! The cheerful photographer!! Miss this gal!


This is Jeff. He is awesome. He tests my light for me. And slacks off on couches. But he also gets me coffee when there is a spare second and makes sure I get to eat which is awesome.



Sometimes I am just weird.


I need more dresses.


Awww – my first wedding back! Such a fun one!!

dani-leigh-photography-behind-the-scenes_0021dani-leigh-photography-behind-the-scenes_0022NOW it is LAUREN’S turn!!! She came to so many weddings with me in 2016!! She is great at keeping me sane and smiling, asking silly questions, and finding wine when we are all done for the night. 🙂

And she takes selfies in sunglasses.

dani-leigh-photography-behind-the-scenes_0026Me looking really interested at something. 

Sometimes Lee lights things really nicely and I make sure by taking photos of him. Thanks for the assist!


Day weddings mean I have no time to make my hair look nice in the morning. Pony tails for the win! This is how it always ends up looking anyway.


No thanks, she says.


My seconds really love their job! Can’t you tell?? Tamara lovesssss it.


I really do love my job. Every year I get the best couples ever.


I like to have a little heart to heart with my grooms before they see their brides for the first time. I like to gauge their nervousness.


I can never tell if groomsmen love me or want me to definitely never touch them again.


Hey Ethan Wise of Wise Films. This guy makes a day pretty fun too!!


You guys. This groomsmen was so tall!!!


He gave me a hug.

dani-leigh-photography-behind-the-scenes_0055dani-leigh-photography-behind-the-scenes_0056Leiland came out to a couple weddings with me to get some experience and see if weddings was something he was interested in. He was a lot of fun on the dancefloor!! 

I never try to match a bridal party….but this one it sorta worked out perfect!!


Sock buns, wide stance, leaned back and unbuttoned shirts is how I roll.


Hey hey hey Ron from RL Media Productions!!dani-leigh-photography-behind-the-scenes_0062

Sometimes I Cupid Shuffle. STILL. How is this song still being played???


Sometimes your wedding has too much coverage. It’s ok. We make it work.


And sometimes I just lay on couches with my brides. Because I need a rest, man!


I love people who want selfies when they are just dancing away on the dance floor! This made my day!! Not only do my couples heart me, hopefully, the guests do too! And my double chin.. really hard life out there for a girl with short arms.


  • December 23, 2016 - 12:06 pm

    Jeff - I love it! Best post ever!

  • December 23, 2016 - 9:39 pm

    Emily - You are the best Dani, this post cracked us up!!

  • January 15, 2017 - 11:35 pm

    tPoz - Haaaaa! Love it! “groomsmen either love me or want me to never touch them again” you crack me up! Cheers to another great year!

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