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Carissa & Ryan| Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Carissa and Ryan chose the perfect day in February to get married. We were the only wedding at the beach club that day, had free reign over the beach and it was warm. I consider all my winter couples my risk takers. They plan a day based on the fact that they don’t like sweating. (Seriously, you all share this in common, do not even lie.) You plan this whole day knowing that there is a chance you are going to be partying with only 10-20 people who end up making it if there does happen to be a blizzard and you are totally fine with that. I love that. It makes me think that no matter what, this couple is going to make it. Laura Cannon told a story about how a pipe burst in Carissa and Ryan’s home at the fault of Ryan and instead of freaking out like I would have, Carissa just laughed hysterically before of course, calling a plumber. It’s that ease and go with the flow ability that is going to keep this love going for a long time, among other things too, of course. They didn’t get that little blanket of snow they were hoping for, but they did get to party with all of their guests, vowed with light sabers to take care of their little boy as a new family, and cuddled during the sunset during their first night as husband and wife.


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