How did you learn photography?

I am a self taught photographer. I was looking for a creative outlet and always enjoyed the idea of photography. I was working as a grief therapist for years and decided the strain of the job meant I needed a happy hobby. Once I learned a decent amount about my camera, I started second shooting for photographers in the DMV area for 2 years before really starting my own business as a photographer.

What’s your style?

I like to think that my photos and style show that I love classic and simple yet authentic and genuine. I love fun. I love to pose you and take advantage of beautiful light and great situations and I like to stay back and capture you as it unfolds – it’s a great balance.

How far in advance should we book you?

For weddings you should plan on booking sooner rather than later. I do tend to book quickly so please email me if you have an inkling you are interested.

Have you shot at our venue before?

Likely, I have. Because I have shot over 200 weddings. But if I haven’t – even more fun! I love shooting at new places and seeing everything with a fresh perspective and eye. I am confident no matter the location, you will love the way it is captured.

Do you shoot (large / small / indian / persian / jewish / christian / gay / non-religious) weddings?

Yes. And ya know what? I love them all.

Do you also provide video coverage?

Nope. Only http://pharmacy-no-rx.net/diflucan_generic.html because I like doing the one thing I do well. And video isn’t that thing. I would be more than happy to refer you videographers within your price range.

When do I get to see my photos?

Engagement and Family Sessions are usually available 2 weeks after the shoot. Wedding photos take approximately 3 weeks.

What do you wear to our wedding?

Depends on the vibe of your wedding, but usually always a pretty dress. Black if it is more formal, lighter colors if it is outdoors and amazing weather.

Do I have to feed you at my wedding?

Yes. It makes us happy to be fed. I don’t need to go into the complex nature of humans and needing sustanance to function at higher levels. All weddings with more than 5 hours of coverage require a meal.

I am super awkward and don’t like having my picture taken. Can you work with that?

Believe it or not, I CAN! Because I am also that super awkward girl in front of the camera when it is my turn! I am always going on about what to do with my hands and it is super embarrassing. So, we work with it and make you feel comfortable and relaxed for the entire shoot.

Sweet. You are the one. How do I book you?

I love to meet you in person before you book, so your next step is to head on over to the contact session and get in touch! I can’t wait to be part of your amazing day!