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Melissa & Dor – Old Ellicott City

If you remember from my Wrap Up post, I had an insanely busy weekend all planned out. I am not going to lie when I got home from my last shoot on Sunday I was so wiped and actually cheers’d to the weekend being over. I am so backwards from all of you, I know, but taking pictures is hard work man! And it almost always happens on the weekends!

Anyway, Friday evening kicked it off great with a meeting with one of my new brides (Hi, Naomi!) and then the engagement shoot of Melissa and Dor who seriously could not have been easier to photograph. When I first met these two it was right as Dor was coming to the US from Israel, to be honest, he seemed shy and overwhelmed at that time. Well, he must have become acclimated because he was nothing but the total opposite of that when we did their shoot on Friday. He was a riot and made me laugh and Melissa laugh and I just absolutely adore the two of them.

When we talked about where we wanted to do the shoot, Dor wanted nature and Melissa wanted city-esque. The perfect combo of those two is Old Ellicott City so that is where we ventured. I couldn’t stop smiling as I was picking photos for the blog post. I hope they and you all are smiling too!!

3rd photo I took, no joke.


Surprise dip! Right after surprise spin!

No idea, but I love it!

I have no doubt that Dor will keep Melissa laughing the rest of her life. Can’t wait until September for the big day!!

  • May 21, 2012 - 11:40 am

    Mirtha - Great last shot with the sign behind them…nicely done!

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