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Everyone’s story is different which makes my job one of the most fascinating around. You can tell so much about a couple by their wedding day: the family they surround themselves with, the friends they’ve chosen for themselves, the song they’ve selected for the first dance. It’s like being invited into the very best chapter of their lives to date, and that’s such a freakin’ honor, I can’t tell you. 

There’s just something about them, right? A couple’s friends and loved ones gathering together in one place to celebrate the fact that they’ve found someone who gets them. Really gets them. Someone who speaks their language better than anyone else. I think that’s kinda magical. 

and no event is more vibrant than a wedding.

I photograph life in all its messy, gorgeous vibrancy 

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Besides, if you and your guests aren’t laughing at a wedding, then what are you doing?!

That’s it. If you want pictures of guests with their heads thrown back laughing, the groom wiping away helpless tears as his Best Man makes a God-awful speech, or Nana laughing so hard that she has to pop her teeth back in, then I’m your girl. 





In a nutshell, my style of photography is

Born and raised in Maryland, I’m a creative wedding photographer but wasn’t always one. A few years back (a lotta years, now that I’m counting) I jacked in my safe, noble, health insurance-providing job working with grieving families to follow a little dream I had. I wanted to take pictures. Beautiful pictures. Pictures so beautiful they make people do a little cry.

So that’s what I did. I also managed to bring two spirited boys into the world. When you throw in my husband too, that means I live a completely outnumbered existence with three males in the house but don’t worry, I’m on top of it. Being a mother is awesome and terrifying in equal measure but I don’t let it define me. Lots of people can be mothers: few can be awesome wedding photographers. 

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