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Photos from your wedding day are super important. In years to come, your children and grandchildren will be popping by to visit, parking their hoverboards outside, and begging to see your wedding album. See, that gorgeous book of magical memories, it’s not just for you. It’s for those who come after you. 

The dancing, the food, the family, the friends (did I mention the dancing?), I just LOVE weddings, which is handy ‘cos that’s a pretty crucial part of the job. 

Look, it sounds a little corny, but stay with me: I love clients who feel like they could turn into friends. I knooooow. Forgive the schmaltz. But the coolest thing that I regularly hear from clients is that having me shoot their wedding feels like having a pal do it. That’s pretty special, isn’t it?

There’s nothing better than a wedding.


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Once you’ve fallen in love with my work (hey, you’re only human) we need to sit down and have a chat somewhere convenient to you - a brewski perhaps? Or on the ever popular, zoom. 

We’ll talk aaaaalll about your wedding. We look at some pretty pictures, we talk about your plans, we get your partner on board...all that jazz. 

Once we’ve had our sit-down, I send an online contract and ask for a non-refundable deposit of $2000 to hold the day. This can be paid via check or venmo.  

Then we talk engagement shoots. Dates, what kinda vibe you’d like to go for, location. 

Now for the real talk: WEDDING TIMELINE. I can design a custom one for you, or you can tell me what’s happening when. After shooting more than 300 weddings, I’ve kinda got this down.

We schedule a phone call a month prior to your wedding date to confirm the timeline and make sure we’re on the same page about everything.

After the wedding, I send your photos within 4-6 weeks of your wedding date (via an online gallery).

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Thought you’d never ask. Ok, strap in...

my wedding packages

Up to 12 hours of wedding day coverage PLUS complimentary engagement shoot  
Second shooter
15-page 10x10 wedding album 
2 x duplicate 8x8 ‘parent’ albums  
Online viewing/ordering gallery with high resolution images for printing 

investment starting at


the big one

collection no. one

Everything you could want and then some. It’s the goddamn Texas of wedding packages. 


investment starting at

8 hours of wedding coverage 
Engagement shoot 
Second shooter  
Online viewing/ordering gallery with high resolution images for printing 

No albums included with this one, but you can always add those on later if you change your mind.


collection no. three

investment starting at


7 hours of wedding coverage 
Online viewing/ordering gallery with high resolution images for printing 

For those on a budget. No muss, no fuss.


collection no. four

Additional Wedding Coverage - $650/hour 
Additional Portrait Session - $1000 (includes boudoir, rehearsal dinner coverage, and others) 
Second shooter - $800 (flat rate/day)
Travel fees may apply to locations outside of DMV


We can also work out something bespoke for those of you who want something a little different. 

investment varies

then let's freaking do this!

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You’ll love them. Promise.

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yes, Let’s talk weddings

Smiling for no reason into a stranger’s lens is just not everyday behavior (unless you’re Kate Middleton) and it can take a bit of getting used to, right? 

So this is why I like to throw in an engagement shoot with my wedding packages. Lemme tell you: the difference between a couple who have a pre-wedding shoot, and the ones that don’t, well...it’s like the difference between night and day.

Taking the afternoon to go on a little adventure with me will help you get your inner super model on, so that by the time we get to the big day, you’ll be so relaxed you’ll forget I’m even there. We can meet up wherever is good for you and just walk for a bit. You can tell me all about your plans and hopes for the big day, all about your relationship (hey, we’re all friends here) even about why you’re getting married. Tell me anything and everything! And I’ll quietly snap some incredible shots of you looking loved-up and happy. 

You know what’s not natural?
Having your photo taken.