that's me!

get to know me even better, meet dani!

You believe weddings are all about fun and doing things your way

You’re not a wallflower and are planning on dominating that dance floor

You want a few portraits, but know that the heart of any wedding is in the action shots 

You swear like a sailor

You don’t mind a photographer who WILL ask all of your bridesmaids to please take their black hair tie off…

You like yourself a bit of Schitt’s Creek (we’re gonna get along JUST fine)

you'll love me a little extra if...




I Had Too Much

was no one's last regret ever

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want me to be your photographer?

(that rhyme is accidental and probably totally unauthorized but I’m sticking to it). Welcome to my little nook of the internet. I’m in charge of bringing the fun.

Your wedding is going to be AWESOME – no two ways about it – so it stands to reason that you wanna vibe with the person you choose to photograph it. Seriously, you’re going to spend 8-10 hours with this person and trust them to perfectly understand that rock ‘n’ rhythm of the best day of your life. NO PRESSURE, KIDS. 

Luckily, you’re gonna love me. I bring the fun in every conceivable way, using a tried-n-tested blend of cheekiness and natural photography to tell your story in the coolest way imaginable. 

dani leigh

meet me,

Your story told with serious sass

packin joy!

that's me!


You’re related to royalty somewhere down the line 

You or any member of your family belong to one or several country clubs 

Your dad plays golf with at least one Kennedy descendent  

You have a double-barrelled last name

One or more of your brothers is named Leopold 

Your first dance will be to Tammy Wynette’s Stand By Your Man 





adequate amounts of

is what we expect, Please behave yourself.

why yes, please tell me more!

do you privvy yourself interested?

Welcome, lords and ladies, to Ms Danielle Leigh’s formal wedding photography website. Please take your shoes off at the door, my butler will see to your coats.  

Your wedding is going to be an occasion to remember, attended by the great and the good, the wise and the wealthy. Maybe the Governor’s coming, who knows?  I have rubbed elbows with a few Senators myself. So it’s important that whomever you hire to be your camera operator for the day knows their place and is comfortable hob-nobbing with the cream of Maryland society. You can’t have any old raggamuffin off the street wielding their Canon like it’s a damn street festival, am I right? 

Luckily, I know how to behave in company. I know everything there is to know about property prices in the area, I can hold my own in a conversation about golf, and have a pHD in small talk. I’ll allow for anywhere between 50 - 1000 group shots and will sit quietly in the corner while the toasts happen. Nobody wants a photo of themselves laughing to ruin the album. 

Precious memories

that last a lifetime 

 for the discerning bride-to-be

Fanciest wedding photography